What We Do

Dental Health

Many Baltimore citizens lack dental insurance and access to preventive and restorative dental care. This reduces their overall health and ability to seek or maintain employment. Together, as our network organizations, the Dental Subcommittee is implementing school-based preventive dental education and seeking funding for restorative dental care service projects.

Mental/Behavioral Health

Mental health is a priority in the Baltimore community, given the psychological distress, depression, and isolation experienced by many residents. The Mental/Behavioral Health Subcommittee among other activities is building our network capacity by providing training for Mental Health First Aid and Trauma Informed Care. 


Baltimore transportation services are known to be marginal at best, leading to missed appointments and reduced access to services. The Transportation Subcommittee has developed a Baltimore transportation service directory and is exploring a plan with city- and state-level partners to increase access to transportation services in cost-effective ways.

Care Coordination

The Care Coordination Subcommittee is planning and implementing strategies to increase care coordination by training community liaison persons to coordinate social services and to enhance opportunities for hospital departments to volunteer at network organizations.