What We Do

  • Investigate the quantitative and qualitative needs for transportation required to access health and human services.

  • Catalog the scope and effectiveness of existing transportation services as well as their accessibility to those most in need.

  • Create free or low-cost solutions available to our partnering organizations in response to identified unmet transportation needs.


  • Recruited volunteers to the subcommittee from Maryland New Directions, Fort Worthington Neighborhood Association, Johns Hopkins University, Zion Baptist Church and Israel Baptist Church.

  • Developed a directory of transportation resources in Baltimore City with focus on affordable services available to seniors and to those with disabilities.

  • Conceived (1) an initiative to fund a community transportation navigator to assist residents in connecting to transportation services; (2) a collaboration with a transportation advocacy coalition aimed to transform Baltimore into a more livable, walkable 21st century City; (3) a funding solicitation to increase access to transportation services for our organizations’ clients in need.