Mental/Behavioral Health

What We Do

  • Conduct service and research projects that improve access and impact our neighborhoods by combating anxiety, social isolation, distress, and depression.

  • Integrate mental health services into healthcare and social services both at the community and healthcare-system level.

  • Support and encourage community-wide training’s reinforcing our communities’ mental and behavioral health aid capacity.

  • Seek solutions to help those suffering from substance dependence to receive a fast-track integrated treatment.


  • Mental Health Subcommittee expanded and was strengthened by volunteers from the Franciscan Center, Fort Worthington Neighborhood Association, Manna House, McElderry Park Community Association, Men and Families Center, Moveable Feast, Roberta’s House, Zion Baptist Church, and John Hopkins faculty, fellows, and students.

  • Assessed and identified strengths and needs of our network in mental and behavioral health aid.

  • Provided recommendations for improving data management systems important to maintaining a safe place where children, teenagers, and adults discover that they are not alone in their grief.

  • Conceived an initiative of on-site mental health services shared between our network community organizations.

  • Prepared and submitted project proposals to the National institutes of Health, to the Kahlert Foundation (was awarded $30.000), and to the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation to enhanced care for depression.