Dental Health

What We Do

  • We provide access to preventive, acute, and restorative dental services to members of the community, many of whom have limited financial means. 

  • We advocate for policies that increase access to affordable dental services.

  •  We strengthen ties between community-based organizations and local dental health providers.


  • Recruited volunteers to the subcommittee from University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Masters of Public Health Oral Health Group, Johns Hopkins General Dentistry Residency Program, and Baltimore CONNECT network.

  • Conducted pediatric preventive dentistry educational sessions and supply giveaways at Back-to-School event at the Men and Families Center, during Parent-Teacher conferences at the Commodore John Rogers Elementary School, at STEM Night at the Henderson Hopkins High School, and at the Tench Tilghman Elementary School.

  • Conceived (1) expansion of pediatric preventive dentistry educational initiatives to primary schools of East Baltimore, (2) a restorative dental care pilot project for job seekers handicapped by poor dentition, and (3) matching of underused dental chair capacities at Baltimore CONNECT network with volunteer dentists to provide acute care to community members in need.

  • Obtained funding of $10,000 to execute Subcommittee activities and wrote a grant proposal to the Kahlert Foundation to secure further funding.